Drawings and sketches, old and new

Drawings made on a graphic tablet

"A ballet dancer – in the reviewer’s eye and ear"

Ryszard Kalamarz’s art has a representative character, and its central character is a human being. Among the motives he has rendered there have been also children and the author dedicated his latest works to ballet.

The cycle of paintings exhibited at Teatr Wielki tells the story of a young ballet dancer portrayed in various situations during meticulous exercises. This projection of a whole series of stills from unrecorded footage has an advantage of concentrating the viewer’s attention on the girl’s movement, on skilful and finessed figures and poses. The remaining part, the scene around her, maybe fragments of the scenery or mirrors in the rehearsal room are treated as immaterial in its details, moved by the ballet dancer matter spinning around her. The dancer functions as light in these paintings, sometimes she emerges only in its flash, sometimes turquoise afterglow goes out of the scenic darkness.

This artistic study of light and scenic movement is bravely facing critical looks of the audience who come and view the exhibition during intervals. But the painter also impressed the audience with his drawing proficiency and a sense of observation. This theatrical confrontation proved to be his success.